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Enter the INFB Membership Email Sweepstakes

Looking for opportunities to learn more about Indiana Farm Bureau and strengthen your connection to the largest agricultural advocacy organization in the state? Provide your valid email address and other information to INFB and you'll be entered into the 2017 Membership Email Sweepstakes.

As part of an initiative to strengthen Indiana Farm Bureau's ability to connect with our members, INFB is sponsoring a prize drawing. All you have to do is complete a short entry form, providing your name, email address, county and zip code; and indicate if you are a Farm Bureau member or not.

The names of those who fill out the form and supply a valid email address will be entered into a drawing to win a grand prize of a $100 VISA card or one of two runner-up prize packages each consisting of four tickets to the 2017 Indiana State Fair. The contest runs May 25-July 31. See 2017 Membership Email Sweepstakes Rules for more information.